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  • Some company's would use trackers links to see precise detail about traffic sources alongside other analytics on organic traffic and journeys which took place on their site.

  • I sent you a personal message! My Daughter would know but? I can't bother her yet it's only her 2nd day in her new job! Let me see what I & others who are better than me on TECH! Can find out? I have another contact for you via other like many close friends here. "E" xx

  • Thank you E..That's bothersome on getting the e-mail addresses...but the how is even more...especially if you only use it on a small amount of places... but @ least one can narrow it down...as to whom...

  • Hi Robin, not got mine but I'm not sure how they get email addresses? but I will contact a few close friends to know & see how they do it? Sile can you comment or send a personal message how they do? "E" xx

  • Not really Kate There are always the few that have the wherewithal to have more accounts, normally its to come across as a majority of many 'like minded' people when in fact could be just one or two. Same horse different jockey or visa versa lol :))

  • I only use my Royal Games account for just that + stores...but i have had no spammers/scammers...how did they get your e-mail addresses?

  • Trust me this user/users are very clever! Same in the real world not just on game sites! I hope security on RG's pick this up soon! Or many accounts could be! HACKED Here...

  • Thank you Eliane for warning me l have change my password and l will reported it

  • Thanks! Just trying to help genuine players here! My words might be harsh? but their!!! HACKKERS/ SCAMMERS. RG's need to be aware of this! ASAP... "E" x

  • I will send a copy to support about it

  • @E, thank you for the warning. I treat these spammers here the same way I treat them in my e-mails. Mark as "spam" and delete. Doesn't hurt to sent a copy to support either.

  • The guy (and pals?) behind it all is also recruiting on community college bulletin boards. Tries to tie himself to GameDuell. Am I the only one impressed by how many accounts he managed to get control of on RG?

  • Eliane l am going to change my password on here thanks for the heads up

  • I was strongly advised to not respond to the messages & to change my email & password here! They must have picked up our usernames from our posts on the blog? It's just a heads up for you! Be careful with you accounts! Take care & be on guard. "E" :-) x

  • We have to think positive l did not pm message back robin

  • Hi everyone! Hope your all safe & well... Yes I've have a few strange messages from players I don't know or play? about Duel Cash saying I was a good player & try it! I messaged a few friends I've known here for years & showed the message & they are good on the tech side here trust me, 2nd

  • @ Kez...i hope we all do...they are determined. But with all on board...we can see this sight stays up and running...:))...

  • Irene no cash just NWF they stay the cash accounts left for more than a year get swallowed.

  • suz.happycook I got the same message as you

  • Sile, RG should delete all accounts that have been enactive for years. Perhaps they still have some cash left and that is the reason they're being kept? But leaving them open just invites unwanted spammers.