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  • Just noticed? samblues is now closed & a few more! That was another one I had a message from to play on that other site! So I guess with all your help & reports! RG's are on the case. "E" :-)))

  • I will do JB

  • All gold accounts & some different flags! I've been busy lol sussed by many of us now with help of friends here! I've had a look! So guess I will have to do the nightshift when your all sleeping lol. I hope RG's get on them accounts soon! "E" :-)

  • Kez please send the links.

  • OMA’S birthday list 9 June: --- ANGELDAEMON --- BREW2008 --- CHEYANNE7 --- KIRSTAPPS --- LINUS38 --- MOMALURO --- SUPERTANTEN --- UNPLUG----------------- thanks xx

  • Thank you sile l have save them links and l will be aware of them

  • The one that sent me a pm is still there ;(

  • It is isn't it! I haven't heard that one in a long time :))

  • Another one to be aware of > https://prnt.sc/14s2n7p < not been on for 8 years lolol :)) Anyway I'm off to bed goodnight RG inhabitants stay safe and well slainte SIle :)) x

  • Melvin's blues, on the other hand, are alive and kicking!

  • Your welcome JB

  • Ty kez.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJA8b3esxfE

  • I was referring to meowkitty in my last remark

  • Hahaha - hoisted by her own patard!!!

  • samsblues just bit the dust.

  • I got a message from support they are going to investigate it

  • Oh dear they don't even know who they are supposed to be...lol

  • Too funny!

  • you mean misears don't you, buck up deary you are forgetting which account you are talking from lolol :)))