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  • @maxcineb - I am not touching that gaming site. If the people who are sending messages to join & then you go to find their acct on here & it's gone, SOMETHING IS REALLY NOT UP TO SNUFF IF YOU ASK ME.

  • Today I registered on duelcash.com and I find it really a very promising site, I understand that some people don't like it, but at least you can deposit there, as for RG it's about to die.

  • OMA’S birthday list 14 June: -------- ALLYOOP3768 --- DOCPETRA --- SHORTY343--------Royal anniversary: KEZTHEVODKA (7years)------WAHOEBEN (12years)--- Thanks x x

  • ACaligrl4u, it is probably that we now have less players, so winnings/places are being distributed in proportion.

  • Wouldn't even dream of signing in to that 'unmentionable' site.

  • just tried the duelcash website. What a load of shite.

  • Before the switch to HTML there was 50 top score places in the VIP Spinner Game, now there are only 20, I would place at least 4-5 out of the 7 days. Now I haven't placed at all, or maybe it's my bad playing scores lol! There has been so much taken from us & the loyalty we have given them PFFFFFFT!

  • I have too but slightly less as Euro's 25c >> http://prntscr.com/15b8zi6

  • @pcmacbob I have 4 games in Klondike Solitaire that charge 27 cents for entry fee for each player to play.

  • Bonus spinner crashes far to often....RG is a dumpster fire.

  • There is no 27 cent game on here. If you play a 55 cent game you use to win 27 cents but now win more since 3 players required per game.

  • Maybe the programme they use to permutate / calculate is just an on off mode? just a thought.

  • Off topic; I appreciate that ranking up ability has been extended due to inability to deposit but may I politely ask why ranking up is no longer happening for those that still have/play cash games? I apologize in advance if this has already been answered! Thank you.

  • You're welcome @book-lady2..good luck with your games :))

  • to Susan462 - thank you

  • £2.44 for coming 3rd in BW 24 hour tourneys:( are you having a laugh! Seriously?!

  • @qaz111111 it's not hard to change your IP address to a different country

  • Unfortunately not for me my rank too high, the only 25c one I have is Klondike.

  • @book-lady2 there's a 27 cent game in Release the Creeps. Hope this helps :))

  • My business why I chose my username.