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  • Going to be cold here in southern nevada today. The high is going to be 120F 48.4C nice and toasty.

  • Why am I getting emails about the other site??? I don't care about it and anyone I get is a bot sending it to me..Shows how many bots are on this site

  • copperbelly35 In the UK we have one snake that is venomous which is the Adder, the other 2 listed here are not venomous the Grass snake & Smooth snake. The slow worm is a legless lizard which has been noted already on the blog.

  • On rare occasions I have picked them up from pavements and a time I was amazed a crow was trying to eat one. Lucky for the slow worm I saved it.

  • I also have baby slow worms hiding under small stones & metal. The smallest I have come across was about 3 inches. They have a bronze/copper colour.

  • They must have been in a bad way, as usually they wriggle to get away. In extreme encounters with cats they will drop their tails. so they can slip away quickly & leave the cat with an angry wriggling tail end.

  • I saved 2 slow worms from my pond the other day, lucky for them. I reckon they were having nooky & fell in. I held them in my hands for about 20 minutes & they eventually warmed up and came round. They were absolutely cold to the touch.

  • 2 days ago i was carrying around one of my favorite snakes we have here: a smol 9 inch northern redbelly snake that i saved it from the lawn mower and put in the wood pile. :@) it's been a very long time since i've seen a copperbelly :@( as they are now endangered. giggles at slow worms omg SO KUTE!

  • I don't understand you ewo. No one has been able to send gifts for months now. What does it matter how may stupid jewels we have now. No good to anyone much from my point of view .

  • CV had both jabs and I actually have an N.B.C. suit somewhere from my time in the army. Might need to buy a respirator though lol.

  • When I have said I wanted to close my account they gave me a free £10

  • Bring in penny games, then i can get 8 paid games on my vast winnings lol.

  • Ben blij dat ik niet hoef te storten, verlies toch altijd.

  • But had word the players that worked it out! Got their blogs & profiles wiped... Not banned! But cleared on how they worked it out & what was posted! I got the instructions how they did in my files. But no way I will give any usernames out!!! Come on RG's If players can do it why cant you???...

  • I find this very strange? If you got over 250.000 jewels you can send gifts in the past as you know! Now we can't! I forgot to post this it came to light a few days ago. Players with over them amount of jewels were able to send gifts! They worked it out? so why cant this site do it? 2nd

  • But I got him the! VIP Scratch cards that cost £5 quid each he loves playing them! I play hell with him! LOL. If he only wins a tenner then I will be happy 5 quid to me & my Sister will watch he don't fiddle them! Ha! Ha! That's a fiver to me. "E" :-)))

  • When we get desperate? we can always do the the Lotto or get a Scratch card for a quid! You never know we might win? I got my Father 5 for Father's Day! But the deal was he wins I want half. Even at his age he laughed & said your having a laugh I sent no I'm serious! I got 4 pence in two weeks here.

  • C_V I think that piggy bank is empty now! So is mine & many others! LOL... "E" :-(((

  • slight flaw with that account closure procedure: the bit about "make sure you withdraw any funds..." until King put some pennies back into their own account. :(

  • @gracie, just explain to support what "stfu" stands for and they'll probably do it for you. ;)