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  • 2nd childhood comes to mind !

  • @nick134 Jag tror att du har rätt. Jag önskar att folk också skulle klaga mindre..som är livet, ja?

  • Maybe it makes them feel important? Who knows. I'm sure we have heard it ALL before! G23 x

  • @granite23 Agree! some just like moaning...

  • People moan when the free rolls are late as if the end of the world and then, when they are here, they still moan that they don't work! Bloody get a grip of yourselves. Seriously, is that all you have to worry about? You need to get a life and get outside more!!

  • ....and on top of not getting to play the free rolls - I don't get my bonus spinner either. This site sucks after the update!!!!!

  • @bee082 I'ts easy, the german goverment pay for everthing to everyone around the world, they reduce Co2 alone and save the world-clima, all refugies are welcome to Germoney, we have the biggest Taxes communication- and energy price worldwide. .So we must win all the Games.

  • What's the point when you don't get to play the free rolls???? I just get black screen!!!

  • Yay! Great to see Lucky Lantern back! :)

  • Yippee! Lucky Lantern is in the listing of games to play now.

  • I see the messages from the "Clown Prince" are getting shorter and shorter. They must be getting discouraged too.

  • Don't get it, why are the players German's in top spot on the free roles listing.

  • Happy days! G23 xx

  • great only1 works for me

  • lycka till alla som spelar freerolls här inne. sedan tycker jag att alla skall sluta klaga på royalgames spel det är en bra spel sida bara den blir klar tar tid att fixa allt håll ut tycker jag

  • BW ! Gd pick :)