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  • still no update for the withdrawl issue ,contacted paypal and they said they cant help me as it should be RG who contact them to solve the issue .But they also state that they have not change anything that would hinder RG to send us the money the own us .I made a withdrawl from DC it took 24Hrs only

  • @mickmcd The deposits was closed down 5/12/21 http://www.royalgames.com/community/fool_entry.jsp?language=en_US&fid=9534 Not sure why anyone would like to deposit anything to this site as IT HAS NOT BEEN POSSIBLE TO WITHDRAW ANY MONEY FOR 7(!!!) MONTHS!!!! They still got my 200€ withdraw as ho

  • Does anyone else have problems making a deposit? I have been unable to make a deposit for weeks now.

  • Beached buddies never finalized-stuck on total score page.

  • Terror1001, My flag is American and the re-qualification date has been the same since March. Sent another support ticket with a screen shot to try to get through to them. If a 3 month extension is applied the new date should be 05/06/22. We'll see how it goes this time.

  • Just to get an idea, I did try another site. It only has 1 game repeating the same levels over and over again, but can take your money easily in many ways, including through Windows, no withdrawal problems as it never pays out and has zero community. Interested? Try king.con ;)

  • I played one free game in duelcash, tried to play another & they closed my account!

  • @mrb2007 I played with you in duelcash, i supossed that you win prizes, ¿Duelcash don't closed your account?. If you have win, it won't take long for you to close your account and steal your money

  • Don't play in Duelcash, I tried the page, I spent 2 weeks playing I got more than € 100, they didn't pay me and they closed my account without prior notice. They just want loser's players and steal your money. SCAM

  • Same freerolls as last Tuesday. Only 26 games to choose from. How about a little effort RG.

  • Game cracked! Never seen that post or word before!!! Plus I had no score! OMG... Anyway best of luck to all... See you later & stay safe everyone... "E" :-) xx

  • Any comments are welcome! Yes you can play free games to a point! But most players are sending team challs/ out just for fun to keep us all together & been here a lot longer than me! Work this one out? just played Papa Pear! With a friendly team known for years! My score was average! Then it said! 2

  • How do you change your flag?!?

  • OMA'S birthday list 23 June: -------- BAV40 --- GOGS180 ---GROCKIE --- HDPSAUCE --- JAHOOR99 --- MAUSIPU -------- Thanks xx

  • I'd be happy just to play the real games, like M Mahjong, Chuzzle, Crescendo Catcher etc... Surely it's not beyond King to get one of those Flash enabled browsers other sites are using? Pocket change for Uncle Ricci.

  • @mrb2007 I just want to be able to make a deposit again. Hope that will happen sooner than later lol

  • Black screen on the freeroll just now but as I haven't deposited any money since the site lost its way, I suppose I can't complain.

  • I notice DC is slowly growing in the number of players and the jackpots are getting bigger. I've managed 1 w/d so far, and maybe another one soon, so that's more than can be said for here! Not spamming, just observing.

  • So anyone else receive their pocket money yet? We had 3 or so players but since then only the sound of crickets! I would like to start up challenges again (Diamond Digger, I Love Treasure etc.) but I just can't motivate myself unless I know I can withdraw. Just a never ending waiting game sigh.

  • @milwscruffy, scroll down and check if you have a British flag instead of U.S. flag. If so, change it to U.S. flag then the dates would make sense. For some unknown reason the system periodically changes the flag. It happens to me quite often.