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  • Well RG, I now spend more time blocking and erasing bogus friend requests than I do losing money in head to head to heads! And no, the extra 'head' was not a typo!!

  • Sick to death with these friend requests. Obviously time to leave if not sorted soon. Have erased dozens so far and I've better things to do with my time.

  • just delete/erase messages

  • I feel quite nervous with all these friend requests. Not sure what to do . What is everyone else doing x

  • RG please stop these unwanted spam friend requests, we are going nuts about them!

  • ewo 59 .Take care

  • @ewo. I mean, those spammers are using a disposable email from Microsoft to create an account here. She can't post to the chat because they have an unpaid account. Hope it's clear now :-)

  • I just emailed the site & sent a ticket in I call it. Hope it helps? the spammers are still on our usernames 15 more in 20 minutes! I go now got a long journey to my hospital! Anyway when I get back I hope to see a result with! RG's... Take care everyone! "E" :-)

  • Want facts ok! Now please get working & get your abuse team in on the case also! We don't want any standard mails means nothing! We want the facts. So please get working! ASAP. You might get some screenshots off some of your members here? but most of the users show not found! Have you been hacked???

  • Seen enough now RG's. My block list is like the M6 in UK with these! Hackers/Spammers. It's not doing you any favours with loyal players you have left here! I want a post later from you on this blog or email me what the hell is going on? & how can this user maybe two spam all our mail boxes!

  • Bij mij waren het 80 vriendschap verzoeken.

  • Het zijn idioten, gewoon blokken en dan verwijderen.

  • who are those asshole fictive people sending dozens of friend requests?!! ... and why can't I block requests? (fy RG)

  • 33 friends requests ....what the heck lol

  • WOW 27 new friend requests, guess I am sooooo popular! Just call me a cool kid! Another one just come in.... SOOOOO COOOOL!

  • Glad I'm not the only one. 34 friend requests. I never bother with "friends" just come on here to play games. Will we ever be able to play properly again?! I doubt it. Complete shambles.

  • 32 friend request????? What's going on here? And btw where is my money?

  • Here we go? I see the funny side to a point? another 15 friends requests! just now I must have a full house now! Come on "Clown Prince" We need your high techs on the case! ASAP. How many are we able to block? is there a limit or not? I must have got 60 now? some players might have more! NO JOKE.

  • @Juelma.nl Thank you for the post! But all the time I've been here I don't do that! I'm honest & a straight player! And would never ever do that to any of my long time friends or other players! I learned a lot here in 11 yrs trust me what goes on! But I don't go down that road I speak my mind/words.

  • @ ewo59. Create an account with a Microsoft E mail, and you can spam like crazy. She or he uses names of existing accounts with numbers added. Without hacking, someone can be annoying here on the site. Someone with lots of time and bored.