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  • Think I spoke too soon. Maybe by hacking all these accounts and spamming the hell out of us they hope to force us to go elsewhere.

  • That is the message I got from royal they are We have taken appropriate action and will investigate further I have turn my message off

  • @Betty.. Support are investigating the problem. If you try to message your friends you may well find that they have turn off their messages. I contact my friends with challenges. /Fran

  • Thought i turned my messages off ,,,forgot to hit save...(just a reminder)...JB...this is for you..https://youtu.be/fXFg5QsTcLQ hope u enjoyed..lol...

  • This is pretty maddening. I can't turn off friend requests without banning my "real" Royal friends from messaging me. How do you do that? AND WHERE is Royal on this? So many people have complained, yet Royal does their "cricket" thing as usual. no replies.

  • Thanks Greenoakmick. Just done what you said. Brilliant! Have had over 50 today.

  • gå inte på det det är någon som ljuger om denna duelcash.com. det är ett bedrägeri finns ingen sådan spel sida. och Royal Games har inget med det att göra.

  • i do not think anyone can make a deposit. I receive a lot of "friends" who wants me to play at duelcash.com - anyone who knows what this is? Is it Royal Games new game site?

  • Can anyone make a deposit?

  • Royal Games, can't you do something to stop these messages from all oddballs? Royalgames announces partnership with _____.com, submit a ticket with the code ROYALBONUS and you will get 5 USD in _____sh. I deleted the game site name. You know who they are. This is slowing down the game playing.

  • Be ware of the spammers. The site they're so enthusiastic about is not a real site, it is just to get your information. Similar to phone calls where callers pretend to be someone else to scam you out of your money.

  • I see my new friend "Glen" lives in 4 countries at once and only speaks German!

  • I, too, am now changing my settings to receive no friend requests. My current Royal Games true player friends are sufficient for me. Going through the process of getting rid of criminals trying to destroy Royal Games is annoying. CLOWN PRINCE, DO YOU KNOW THEY ARE SAYING YOU HAVE MERGED WITH THEM?

  • Hello all, after deleting 27 new fake "friend" requests from the spammer troll I finally turned my receive messages off in my settings.

  • Just signed in I have 61 new friend requests. I didn't realize I was so popular :-)

  • Clown Prince,anyway possible to stop new accts. being made so we don't get the spam messages we need to turn off for fake friends invite?It's very annoying and we players want to have our messages on but can't.Please reply,thanks Jb.

  • What is going on, I have been on this site for years and had a handful of friend requests then yesterday and today I've had 46!

  • Keep messages off.

  • I am fed up with all the fake friend requests, no sooner do I block them anther pile come in, so far have over 40 in my blocked list

  • Duelcash is a fake gaming site. There's a criminal gang behind it. Don't go there.