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  • Many friend requests yesterday and 39 today. ALL from duelcash.com. Support keeps saying they know I'm not the only one getting spammed and they are aware of the problem and "working on it". This site has been hacked. These people are creating accounts just to spam people. Hacking our ID's.

  • Why the hug?..two sided players...i guess give a x or two...NOT!!

  • @. twogunkid. We have all been buying it and stockpiling it!! x

  • They hide behind messages sent.Who are they?. They have NO BALL'S !! to express their thoughts/opinions on what is happening...they hide.!!! Can they not express on the Blog?...They can! .they choose to express in a coward manner....Get the !@#$%^&*()uck!!,,Member's...FIGHT!!..silver/green/gold !

  • I have turned off messages after getting about fifty over the past few days. I never knew I was so popular! All the cool kids want to be my friend. It must be my new after shave.

  • Royal True !!!....Post antic's...Recipe's/ Stories Cat Lovers...:((.. :)) ( dogs)...lol...anything...these arses'...are tying to take from you.... the friendships that you have built through the years...!!!...they do not GET IT...!!

  • was first time i been hit but thanks i wont bother asking for help again ...........

  • ok was just asking, good god .........

  • I agree with you on that! This crap is old news now and boring to read anymore about it.

  • Stop using that word and they are trying to get all to leave here. Stop posting about what's going on as we are all aware.Ignore them and close messages.

  • Royalgames announces partnership with DuelCash.com .i am getting a lot of this ,34 friend request saying same thing? has royal games now been truly hacked?

  • :))..was going to post later about the Muffin Man's X..lol...but decided to ...NOT...,,just reading on the...instigator's...that continuously try...with a silent agenda...xx...

  • Hey Robin well done on the muffin man song lol I will have my muffin daily with a big mug of Hazelnut coffee. I am the muffin lady :)

  • @machya try Opera browser,I use it and works wells. Jb :)

  • I use an old version of FireFox, I'm able to play all 3 games you are having problems with. Maybe try an old browser version of Firefox. gl

  • I am unable to play 3 of the 4 games left that I enjoy on this site. Anyone else having problems? Klondike solitaire, Stitcheroo and Ace Solitaire.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOBgrpkOIVE

  • I just want to tell someone I miss Gospo's Adventure. I hope they are working to get it back eventually . :-)

  • Easy whay are to not lock on them! *friends invite* after 30-45 day the flaying away. And report the you have lock the crew can block/ban them to play and been new account to reg and begin agien to invite. RG play thate like play her going to all time stay! ;)

  • I have turned off messages (and saved my preference). Does it hurt anything to just leave the messages in place? I really don't want to invest the time to block and then erase all 30+ messages. I wish I hadn't spent time blocking and erasing last night.