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  • Skilled games aren't "dead in the water" for me. I enjoy playing them for fun (entertainment) and only occasionally play for money.

  • (I would LOVE to be proven wrong, but I don't think I will unfortunately).

  • I am so sick and tired of being strung along, it's now far better to do surveys for money rather than games. At least they actually pay out, and you don't feel guilty about beating other players, or get ranked against superhumans! Face it, skill gaming is dead in the water, long live Swagbucks! :)

  • It also looks like the bots have taken over DC already with scores of 300k in Gem Wars. Even gamergoddess is dropping down the list lol. That game is so clunky and slow, it's like it doesn't even use gpu acceleration.

  • OK, so after 1 w/d from DC, the 2nd one seems to be lost in limbo! Anyone else having problems getting their w/d? I thought it might be too good to be true. Let's hope it's just a hiccup, otherwise skill gaming is finally DEAD. (Apart from Gameduell which doesn't even count lol)

  • @pao76 Congratulations on your 1st place win!

  • I came first in a Farm king tourney today and won the princely sum of €11.29, in the good times this would have been 5 or 6 times more... It just shows how far this site has fallen which is a real shame :(

  • Look at the bright side. There is so much less pressure to excel, when playing the freerolls, when you know you wouldn't be able to withdraw any winnings, anyway.

  • Happy midsummer! i have had several games that did not ended in my total played games ,like not even 1%.But I remember them well and some was real highscores;).

  • @copperbelly. I have the same issue and am always surprised that whilst the game is frozen the clock continues to count down....I fear we are all being duped by this site.

  • @ copperbelly. What you are describing which bubble saga is what I have had for months now. You are the 1st person to say about it. I thought it was just the Apple laptop I was on!! Shame - I was fairly good at it!!

  • I miss Royale 55, why was it removed?

  • RG is under no LEGAL obligation to accept deposits . . . but it is under a LEGAL obligation to allow us access to OUR money!

  • @qaz, if you fancy a challenge, try playing Might and Magic X Legacy, not even liquid nitrogen will take that heat out of the GPU fast enough.

  • @copperbelly, afraid F- is probably considered a "pass" these days. Been so dumbed down that the E I got for German O Level in the 70s would probably get me into university these days. :(

  • I also monitor heat in the processor, memory and gpu. When the temp goes up performance slows way down. I turn on extra fans and that fixes that.

  • @Rino Im playing in Chrome on a mac. Solitaire is wicked quick and crisp. AC used to be slow months ago but that's is "yesterday's news". Perhaps there is some computer housekeeping you can ferret out to speed things up? Perhaps there are processes running in the background dragging down graphics?

  • Thank you Jean :)

  • OMA'S birthday list 26 June: --- -----CAPTAINREDBLUE ------------DIANAN702 ------ FASITA ------- KATS823 ------ PLAYPINBALL------ Thanks xxx

  • 2@ick134, Tack för lycka till. Vädret är vackert idag och inte för varmt.