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  • Hey x

  • Why was there no Tuesday freeroll? And why when so many have already asked the question have you not resonded!!????

  • Notice.... they don't reply, explain, or seem to care. Really disappointing when you been on here for 10+ years.

  • no Tuesday Freerolls this week?

  • Hello hello Today is Wedensday ,, and still no Tuesday freeroll? What is happening with RoyalGames now ? Can someone answer.please ?

  • No freerolls as yet wonder what is wrong

  • no Tuesday free roll?

  • So no free rolls? The hits keep on coiming. lol

  • What's happening with today's Freerolls?

  • Where are today's Tuesday Freerolls?

  • avoids confusion.

  • @Caligirl, you and volvomichelle are 7 time zones apart, so your 3am = her 10am, that's about the normal time the Clown P pushes the button but has been late a few times which would account for the 2pm BST reference, 4 hours later than "usual". Using a recognised standard time format like UTC/GMT

  • @gb.sue, not "in a way", they are the same. Royal = King = Midasplayer. It's even in the T&C's

  • Smith64 : when they pay out my 670 Euro i will gladly stop moaning and complaining . But they have locked it since November 2020......

  • I think we are lucky to be given free games to play for nothing!

  • I think we are luck,y to get free games that we can play & win on!

  • Why do people keep moaning on here?, if you don't like it, don't log on , simple's!

  • Varför inga frispel idag fredag?? Eller har NI gått på semester redan??

  • Again no Friday freeroll?

  • No frerolls today?