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  • RG is cleaning up the accounts, I just confirmed my email address. Sounds like good news to me

  • > https://youtu.be/CZJvBfoHDk0 < Take a listen to this,she's an inspiration.

  • When can we deposit again, this is taking far too long to fix- Royal games is not replying to my emails, me suspects something more is going on.

  • I also have a magic bullet to make smoothies.Fruit,juice to my liking,ice and top it off with some Cool Whip. :))

  • @Bee - same. I hate the heat. I'd live in AK if I could, but am allergic to cold (literally - get hives from it). New England is as balanced as I can get haha! JB - yep - heat on both coasts. At least here we are used to it and equipped, unlike WA and OR!

  • It is hot in a lot of places. It's SUMMER! Enjoy the music video. and relax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXUq5f8f5fc

  • You are talking about the wheel spinner no money games can be played?

  • Free spin this morning, money games disabled.

  • gr8 possible $ winning score in candy crush Tue freeroll gets a big fat ZERO something went wrong contact the "nonexistent" support team 4 "help". 2 1/2 min load times. had 2turn off messages again due 2flood of "friend requests" the avaricious & uncaring R running the site. SAME OLE STORY NO $ 4 U!

  • It's very hot and humid where I am and will be that way all day.I am lucky where I am we have A/C to keep cool.Been drinking plenty of water and eating cold foods. Jb :)

  • wel verd... de zoveelste geen dat een spel niet wordt geteld, 78610 bij pufffish, zou in de ranglijst staan maar kan naar mijn centen fluiten

  • @JustaSmyle Here where I am in the UK it is a cloudy, damp & humid With comparison with the USA/Canada you are both having extreme temperatures. It is said we will have a heatwave in July,which I am not looking forward to. Can't do with it being too hot!

  • I love this site we are a happy band of people, looking out for each other.

  • @M52A50 We have been told there is an issue between Royal Games and Paypal. People have not been able to withdraw their money so deposits are suspended for now (since May 5th)

  • Will the deposit ever work again??? FFS

  • HOTHOTHOT here in the US Northeast today! High temps and high humidity - so keep hydrated and stay inside in a/c if you can. Take care of your local workers who have to be outside! Be kind - have a good day, all!

  • Happy Birthday wenvin, hope you enjoy!

  • Varför går det inte att sätta in pengar, någon som vet?

  • How nice it is on here today so far!

  • Happy Birthday wenvin! xx