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  • Elaine, thanks so much for the warning about not turning messages back on; I was about to do that. Now I'm getting emails in my home email re challenges, which I didn't used to get and don't really need. Be grateful for small mercies I guess! Sol

  • Not have any today or last night Eliane

  • Must be your settings or something. I haven't had any for days now and didn't change a thing.

  • Hello everyone! Don't want to put anyone in a low mood. But I turned my messages on last night & low & behold I get the! "SPAMMERS" Back with more friends requests. They must know that! "ADMIN" Are not with us much on weekends. Now messages will go off again! But not challs/ Please be on guard. "E"

  • Thanks for the extra free rolls Clown Prince! This should keep me busy til Tuesday :-)

  • Not a bad choice this week :)

  • Thanks for the two extra freerolls. Have nice weekend !!

  • With regards to complaints about head to heads being 3 not 2 my experience is your win ratio goes down but your winnings go up and tend to balance each other out.

  • då var det dags att spela freerolls och det var många spel denna gång. lycka till alla som spelar freerolls med glädje

  • Everything comes to those who wait. Some people are so impatient.

  • Thanks for all these Friday rolls! Also, thanks for the good customer service regarding free practice game issues...I reported it yesterday and this morning it is back to just how I like to access them!