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  • The amount now paid out in Freerolls and 24hr tourneys is scandalous! Yes I know some have problems before someone pipes up and about deposits.

  • An IP is not a fixed IP unless you pay extra to have one. If your power goes out you will usually get a new IP address when it comes back up

  • Terror1001, would love you to survive in 100C temp. Thats over 212F. I live in desert area where temps in summer can get over 50C 125F temps

  • >are, and I don't think they will be cross with the added publicity ;))

  • I have been a subscriber to JL for years, and have often used them here for Christmas Independence, new years day etc. Maybe that is what heesweg was getting at that it was copy and pasted preview rather than a personalised paid for one. However you still get to see how well done their creations>

  • The bird just sits in his drinking water dish to keep cool.

  • @susan462, we often go as high as 100C and over during summer, but what makes it bad is that we usually have rolling blackouts during the hottest days. I can't use cooling centers because they don't allow dogs so I bought camping fan (rechargeable) to keep us more or less "cool".

  • I just went to that profile! To be honest it was very boring!!! Ha! Ha! "E" :-))) xx

  • Kez, I seen your post! USA players understand. But you do get the odd balls... Take no notice I see no harm or hurt what you posted! Just ignore them! They need to get a life... I get hounded 24/7! From a Brit player! Bring It on I say I'm used to the user! Ha! Ha! The other account will go soon. xx

  • Your very welcome BETTY350 some people just like to moan on here

  • @kezthevodka oops, posted before I wrote! I saw the card kez, Thank you!

  • @

  • I love JL cards I subscribe to them and send them to my friends. Some of them are here on RG and we exchange by email. I got one today. I don't see anything wrong with introducing folks to the site, it isn't a gaming site. Check out jacquie lawson cards, they're cute & fun! We need that now! :^D

  • @heesweg, actually jl cards are more than happy, that's what they were set up to do and all the extra traffic makes them money.

  • OMA'S birthday list 5 of July: -------- M.EDESTEDT ----- SIMP50 --------SNEDIKER1------- Royal anniversary: ---- KIM612004 (17 years) ----------- thanks xx

  • Only was being nice that is all no hurt to anybody on here heesweg

  • I'm safe @heesweg, thank you for your concern...I am just very, very hot..too hot too even go outside where it is worse...my fans are all running full blast right now.

  • I lied - it was from ROYALGAMES.COM !!!

  • Oh dear Richard's heads are at it again - just got a new friend request from KING - whopee!!

  • @susan462 - I hope you are safe - my goodness, this weather is so unpredictable - climate change is coming so fast