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July Freerolls


Here are the games for the rest of July.





Friday 9th of July

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Stitcheroo HTML5


Tuesday 13th of July

Pet Rescue HTML5

Pepper Panic HTML5

Papa Pear HTML5

Monster Fever HTML5


Friday 16th of July

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5

LuckyLantern HTML5

Klondike Solitaire HTML5

Klicker Fusion HTML5


Tuesday 20th of July

Kalorie King HTML5

I Love Treasure HTML5

Hoop de Loop HTML5

Honey Mine HTML5


Friday 23th of July

Golf Solitaire HTML5

Gin Rummy HTML5

Farm King HTML5

Diamond Digger HTML5


Tuesday 27th of July

Cat Corner HTML5

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5

Bubble Witch HTML5


Friday 30th of July

Pet Rescue HTML5

LuckyLantern HTML5

Kalorie King HTML5

Gin Rummy HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5



Have a nice summer!

/The Clown Prince



  • Good luck, Sue! And I was wondering the same about "saving" on a gambling site; but perhaps to some folks who win regularly, they count it as their pin money - to spend as they wish? Regardless, it's crazy that they can't get their money from RG!

  • JustASmyle - thank you. Did read on instructions about connecting them together somehow - will just have to keep practicing on free games.

  • Why would anyone use a gaming site or any gambling site for that matter to "save" an amount of money

  • Any news about my £150? I'd saved it up for my friend's 50th birthday - to take her out. But that was months ago now. My son is 10 next week. Would be amazing to get my winnings!!!! COME ON! At least keep us updated!

  • Ik vraag mij eerder af of ik nog wel mijn €400 krijg!! Ik wacht al sinds half februari op mijn geld!!!!!!!

  • wanneer kunnen we terug stortingen doen , het probleem duurt nu wel al heel lang

  • A little gentle music <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLEFp38iWiY>

  • OMA'S birthday list 23 of July: --- JOSEBE --- TSYGE----- Thanks x x

  • @Sue-if you already know this, apologies! But if you can get both a vertical and a horizontal worm to merge with a big-block fish, it clears the screen and counts as one break in the walls. A couple of those go a long way to quickly freeing the fish.

  • @Kidstussy much appreciated! Gonna compile a 2 page letter bout this although it won't get me very far but never know. On a finer note blessed with beautiful sunshine and a blessed day to all :)

  • I really do not get that Puff Fish Poppers game. How is the easiest way to break the wall in shortest time and with minimum moves

  • @susan462, you are having more money than I have. I am still 19 pence short to play. LOL

  • Moot for you maybe, not moot for many others. I like being able to play my little 27 cents games with an occasional 55 center thrown in.

  • That's kind of why they did it, we had much less protection paying via Paypal. Still, rather a moot point really, until we get all the missing games back, not much point depositing.

  • I just wish rg would allow us to deposit again using our bank cards..not PayPal which I've never trusted to use.

  • @Fran, the reason for that is that Ebay used to own Paypal, and are now being strongly coerced to cut the gordian knot and open up their market to other payment providers.

  • This has prob been aired before... I'd like to see spinner games as a one off... and not regular players having multiple chances in same tournament

  • OMA'S birthday list 22 of July: --- BREWNASH --- GAZBOK ---LUCKYDUBY60---- Thanks xx

  • Nice to hear that some of the withdrawal requests are being paid out. Stay safe everyone :)

  • This site has to have some kind of banking insurance. They have the money to rectify all of the users here they owe money. To think otherwise is ridiculous. They need to pay all of you and fix the PayPal issue leaving all of you out of it as the excuse. Talk to a lawyer......