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July Freerolls


Here are the games for the rest of July.





Friday 9th of July

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Stitcheroo HTML5


Tuesday 13th of July

Pet Rescue HTML5

Pepper Panic HTML5

Papa Pear HTML5

Monster Fever HTML5


Friday 16th of July

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5

LuckyLantern HTML5

Klondike Solitaire HTML5

Klicker Fusion HTML5


Tuesday 20th of July

Kalorie King HTML5

I Love Treasure HTML5

Hoop de Loop HTML5

Honey Mine HTML5


Friday 23th of July

Golf Solitaire HTML5

Gin Rummy HTML5

Farm King HTML5

Diamond Digger HTML5


Tuesday 27th of July

Cat Corner HTML5

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5

Bubble Witch HTML5


Friday 30th of July

Pet Rescue HTML5

LuckyLantern HTML5

Kalorie King HTML5

Gin Rummy HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5



Have a nice summer!

/The Clown Prince



  • I have/had the big C and Chemo and Radio, had PET scan 18 months ago and the treatment worked and I am still in remission (touch wood) so you have to think positive which I am sure helps. I also had a triple by-pass 6 years ago, so to be honest everyday I wake up is a bonus to me.

  • I wish your young friend all the best! If I can do it at my age! She sure will. I'm still here posting & a very strong willed person trust me! And my humour will never change here or in the real world. So tell her she will be fine! I was stage 4. You know what that means. Stay safe & well. "E" :-) x

  • And still many more weeks of it, But my point is? if I can do it so can your young friend. Not easy but nobody can tell me facts like my Cancer team I've learned a lot from the. Few weeks I get a Pet Scan to see if the tumour have shrunk! But now is the waiting game.

  • @CV Haven't they effectively slit their own throats, though, by alienating what was a vast, customer base and, now, cutting off deposits, as well?

  • Plus chemo & radiotherapy & a lot of things went wrong! But I can only speak for myself no one else! It came back not so long ago other side! I refused chemo again it made me very ill. But don't to some! To date I'm going through radiotherapy does not hurt but makes you very tired. 18 weeks now.

  • @granite23 I feel for your friend who is a lot younger than me! I've battled it for 5 yr's now & want to give her some positive thoughts! I'm not being abusive or rude to anyone! I've been to hell & back. But my Daughter was thankfully a age to fend for herself. In 5 yr's I've had 4 major surgery's

  • FreeJam, this is why big companies base their operations in dodgy countries with corrupt tax authorities and little or ineffectual legal systems.

  • It's awfully strange that no one seems to be able to come with a legal remedy to the withdrawal problem. We're totally unaccustomed, in civilized societies, to having absolutely no apparent route toward the redress of grievances. We, then, are just totally at RG's mercy?

  • Thank you Jean for posting the Birthday List xx

  • OMA’S birthday list 30 of July: --- JOKE.SIER --- LYNDA753 --- --------------M ARTHATHECLOWN --- MEINEGUETE8 --- SIRKOIRA ---TONINMD----------- Thanks x x

  • Freeroll Pepper Panic has black screen all the time it's wrong. When computer programmer will fix it ???

  • bubble saga/ bonus spinner froze w 1:17 seconds left in game 4the 2nd day in a row. broken games-non existent support-same old apologists in chat saying how great it works 4them. yup! situation normal! all fucked up! sums it up nicely. HEY KING PAY ME THE MONEY U OWE ME SO I CAN JUST LEAVE ALREADY!

  • @JB, keeping Ellie and the whole family in my thoughts.

  • @JB oh poor Ellie, please let us know how she is. and Klicker Fusion plays just fine with my exact score everytime I play it daily...which is a lot.

  • Oh get over it. For goodness sake it's just a ruddy game site. There are far more important things going on the the world now. Like my single friend at 35 being told she has breast cancer with 2 small kids or JB's message below. Perspective is needed. Calm down.

  • It just did it again on a free spin!! Granted, my score was terrible..48K, but after exit and game completion, my score was INSTANTLY reduced and to 6K! Grrr. This site has gone to the dogs. So sad. :(

  • What is up with Klicker Fusion? I get a score of of 500k+, game ends and returns to "win" screen, and suddenly my score is in the 3k range!! This has happened MANY times in the past week or so. RG, LOOK into this please. Meanwhile, NO MONEY GAMES for me!! Cheating or rigged?

  • Ellie is at Urgent Care with a fever.I am waiting word when my son finds out what is going on and can be done Please keep her in your thoughts,thanks Jb.

  • before you do the daily spin. close your browser and reopen it... spinner will work every time.

  • @Nulli: We could, perhaps, ultimately sue RG for the falling arches we get "standing by" for updates from that Clown . . . but they wouldn't pay up on that, either.