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Word Battle is a multiplayer word game where you face 1-4 opponents in a live game to spell out the best words. In each round you get a game board of 25 letter tiles placed as a square of 5 by 5 letter tiles. A game is played over four rounds, each with a new letter tile layup. In each round your challenge is to spell the best 3 words you can find. But the score of the words will be lowered if they are found by several players, so it pays off to be unique. In each round there is a 1 minute time limit.


When the game starts the game board is filled with letter tiles. You can combine any letter tiles into a word as long as the letter tiles are touching each other. You can only use each letter once in a word, and also just once in each round, so choosing the right word is the aim of the game. You get to spell out 3 words in each round. You may submit less words if you want or cannot find any words, and you may also change your mind as many time as you like before the 1 minute time limit is up.

A word has to be between 3-10 tiles long to be approved. The letter tiles have different values depending on how common they are in the dictionary. And longer words will increase your score. But remember that if other players pick the same words they will give a lower score, so search for unique words.

You may create words that are in any form, singular or plural, present or past tense etc. So when you combine the letters always keep an eye open to see if you can create a longer word with touching letter tiles by using a different form.

Word Battle uses a combination of several extensive dictionaries, and uses a similar rule set as in word games such as Scrabble, so abbreviations or names are generally not accepted. If you input a word that is not available in our dictionaries this will not give any points, but not any deductions either.

Please keep in mind that while you play any word between 3-10 letter tiles can be entered. You will see a score estimate for the words you spell out, but you will not know whether they are accepted by the dictionaries until the round is over. Then you will see the final score each word gives.

During the game you will see 3 types of bonus tiles in each layup:

  • 2X Letter: This doubles the Letter score of the tile.
  • 3X Letter: This tripples the Letter score of the tile.
  • 2X Word: This doubles the value of the whole word in the same manner, including any letter that have already been doubled by a Silver Bonus Tile.

In each round there are 2 of each bonus tile available.

On the left side of the game you will see your opponents score and what words they spelled at the end of the round. If you spell the same word as any opponent this word will be marked on both players controls, so that you can see what word received a reduced score. You can also see who is in the lead after a round by the golden marker that fills up the space below a player's name.

The winner is the player that sets the best score at the end of round 4.


In every round you can input up to three words. You mark the letter tiles you wish to link into a word by clicking on them with your left mouse button in the order you wish to spell the word. The letter tiles have to be touching to be combined. When you have completed the word you just click one extra time on the last letter tile to lock that word and move to the next one. Alternatively you may click on the next word field below the tile layup to activate the next word. A locked word changes colour from pink to blue.

Remember that any tile may only be used once in a round, so when a tile is already in use it cannot be used again. To quickly re-spell a word you have already locked you can simply click on any letter tile in that word to reactivate it - the letter tiles will again become pink. You can also use the red x-buttons next to each of the three word fields to quickly delete a word completely.

If you wish to unmark a tile you have to go back and click on any tile used earlier in the word to back up to that specific point. You can also unmark a whole chain of letters at once by clicking on another part of the game field.

Any words that are spelled out, even only partially spelled out, get sent for approval at th eend of the round. Then you can see if your word were approved by the dictionaries, if any words were also picked by your opponents and everybody receive the final scores for the round.

If you want to end the game prematurely then just press the End Game text in the bottom right corner.


The word scores are based on several factors, mainly the value of the letter tiles you have linked and how many tiles you used to form the word. So long words with more difficult letters are more valuable. The word score is calculated as:

Word score = ((Sum of letter tile values including Letter bonuses) + (No. of tiles used squared / 2)) X 20 X Word Bonus

Letter Scores:

  • 1 point: A, E, I, O, R, S, T,
  • 2 points: D, G, L, N, U
  • 3 points: B, M, P
  • 4 points: C, F, H
  • 5 points: K, V, W, Y
  • 7 points: QU (counted as one letter tile)
  • 8 points: J, X
  • 10 points: Z

If a word is spelled by several players, the score of the word is divided by the number of players that spelled it. So if 3 players picked the same word the word score is reduced to a third and so on. You do not get any point deduction for a word that is not approved by the word list.


Long words and the Bonus tiles are the key to setting a high scoring word. As being the only player decided whether you get the full value of the word it is also important to look for a unique variation of a word, and searching for more odd words instead of teh first that comes to mind.

Do not let time pass so fast you miss out on spelling 3 words per round.


Look through the game board from all directions it’s easy to miss good chances if you only read from left to right or top down.