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BB Bathtub is the sequel of Goldfish bowl. It has everything that Goldfish bowl has, and much more! Now you have two hooks: one above and one below the surface. The number of items has increased dramatically, and there are more moving objects than ever before!


  1. The fishing hooks swing back and forth. Catch the valuable items by sending down the hook at the right time. It will catch the first object it touches. If you catch the same type of object several times in a row, the score is increased.
  2. Click in the upper area to release the upper hook. Click in the lower area to release the lower hook. It will always travel in its current angle.
  3. The Scuba diver, the Submarine and the Toy planes will drop bonus items when you hit them. Try to hit them several times before they disappear. The Ball explodes on impact and will push away any nearby objects.



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