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Magic Spinball is a unique twist of the classic Breakout game where you have to break all the bricks to progress. Move the paddle to bounce the ball at the bricks above and collect a huge range of cool powerups to help you on your way. Masses of amazing levels with several degress of difficulty and special blocks to keep you on your toes.


  1. Clear 3 levels of bricks by bouncing the ball with your paddle. Clear them all to advance to the next level. Grab the falling special features and use them to clear the levels faster.
  2. Move the paddle sideways with your mouse to keep the ball from dropping out. Release the ball, shoot the laser and the rocket with your left mouse button.
  3. Lasers and Rockets help you to destroy the bricks faster. You have to clear a level within the time limit to progress. You can escape early when the Warp hole opens.



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