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Those pesky raccoons have been up to their old tricks again and stolen Nutley’s precious acorns. Now it’s up to you to help Nutley get what’s his! Roll, jump and glide to collect coins and get those acorns back from the raccoons. Retrieving the acorns will help Nutley glide for longer and enable him to collect special power-ups that will give him super-squirrel powers! You’re not gonna let those rascally raccoons get away with this, are you? So what are you waiting for? Go Nutley!


  1. Click the left mouse button to jump and hold to glide for as long as the glide meter allows.
  2. Catch acorns to grow the glide meter and collect power-ups to give Nutley special powers.
  3. Use speed strips and air loops to your advantage and stomp on as many raccoons in a row as possible.



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