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It is up to you to save the poor Polar bears by bouncing them into the doors and stop them from falling into the ice cold ocean. Draw trampolines with your mouse to bounce them with the right angle and keep them from the hungry killer whales. A cute game that gives you a unique and fun challenge over many levels.


  1. You have to save the falling polar bears from plunging into the dangerous artic ocean. Use your mouse to draw trampolines in the air to try to bounce the polar bears into one of the doors to save them. You control the angle of the trampolines and can use this to make the polar bears change direction as they fall.
  2. On each level you have a target of a number of polar bears you need to save before time runs out. Every polar bear you send into a door adds to your save count and losing a polar bears to the ocean deducts from your count. If you reach the target you will progress to the next level.
  3. Send the polar bears into a doorway of the same colour to get the maximum score from each polar bear you save. Pick up power ups by bouncing a polar bear into them to help you on your way.



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