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Are you ready to GoGo 21? In this speedy, classic solitaire game the goal is to make 21 as many times as you can with the cards in the deck. Place your cards well to make those valuable Black Jacks in two fast-clicking rounds of strategic thinking! Use the Joker sparingly. Try to save it till the end to get out of a tight spot and earn more points!


  1. GoGo 21 is a card game based partly on the Black Jack rules and way of counting, and the object of the game is to place cards in such a way as to make 21 as many times as possible in each round.
  2. You can place each card in any column as long as the sum does not exceed 21. The current sum of the column is presented above each column.
  3. If you can’t place a card in a column you have to throw it away. Try to keep the number of cards you throw away to a minimum to increase your score.



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