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You have been invited to a party with the up and coming stars, and your task is to create a great pop band. Be careful not to include the trashy rockers into your band, or your tour might not be a success!


  1. Create rows of three to remove blocks, and make the stars on top of them fall to the stage floor.
  2. Any block can be moved, whether it creates a match or not. If you use a bomb in a vertical combo, it will remove the whole column, if you use it in a horizontal combo, it will remove the whole row!
  3. To maximize your score, try making several of the pop stars fall to the stage floor in just one move!



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Super Stack 'Em Stack, match and rescue animals to defeat the evil Thorga!
Jackpot: $143.32
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Royal Rainbows Make long switches and collect fuzzy Rainbros
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Lords of Bucharest As the Royal Collector your task is to collect as many crowns as you can!
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Blob's Diner Serve as many customers as possible before closing time!
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