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Klicker Fusion is the ultimate puzzle game that combines simple fun with strategic twists. Clear away as many coloured cubes as possible, reach the next level and plan your moves to collect large groups of the same colour to hit that high score. Radioactive blocks improve your score and bombs blast away single blocks that hamper your progress. 3 levels of challenging play and strategic planning.


  1. Klicker Fusion is an all new version of the classic puzzle game with new strategic twists and features. Any group of 2 cubes or more of the same colour that touch horizontally or vertically can be removed. Clear them all before you run out of moves or time.
  2. Just click on a group of two or more cubes to clear them away. The cubes above will fall down to fill up empty space. Use smart planning to clear larger groups at a time to increase your score drastically.
  3. The Column Blast can help you to clear away a whole column, and any bomb that touches the bottom of the field gets activated and can be used to blast away lone cubes.



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