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You are the director, and you have an extraordinarily forgetful ensemble of actors trapped in a maze. You need to help them find other actors wearing the same masks, but they can only remember two lines. Find an easy path between the actors, and tell them where to go.


  1. Click a mask to select it. Click another mask to match them. The closest path between the two masks can only include two turns, or the move will be impossible.
  2. You can make moves that requires the path to go outside the playing field if that is necessary to make the move possible.
  3. If you click two different masks, or if you click two masks that cannot be matched at the moment, a red line will appear, and you will get a score deduction.



Play a game of Bubbelina!
Bubbelina Pop bubbles to help the BooBoos reach the Mighty Bubbelina!
Jackpot: $111.10
Play a game of Amazing Garden Stampede!!
Amazing Garden Stampede! Help the animals get to the safety of the barn before they are abducted!
Jackpot: $210.10
Play a game of Gospo's Adventure!
Gospo's Adventure Help Gospo and Octavio save the stars.
Jackpot: $220
Play a game of Midas Mahjong!
Midas Mahjong The classic Chinese riddler - clear all the tiles!
Jackpot: $275