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Create ice cream cones for the kids in all sorts of flavours. The more ice cream you scoop out, the happier the kids will be!


  1. Your goal is to scoop up at least as much as the targets for each flavour. Next to each flavour on the ice cream cone you see the target amounts.Scoop up ice- cream by clicking the ice cream inside of the bowl. You can only click groups that have a mouth and eyes.
  2. Save up a big group of a flavour to earn extra moves. You'll need them. Remember that ice cream that gives extra moves has a big smile!
  3. Try to get as many scoops above the flavour targets as possible. One way of doing this is to save one final flavour when the three other have reach their targets. Try to make a group of the final flavour as big as possible before you click it.



Play a game of Chamello Jello!
Chamello Jello Feed the chamello with jelly to keep him happy!
Jackpot: $1,400
Play a game of Monster Fever!
Monster Fever Get down and join the Disco Dudes and Monsters in a Funky Fever!
Jackpot: $68812.80
Play a game of Choo-Choo Circus!
Choo-Choo Circus Fill the circus train with cute animals!
Jackpot: $201.59
Play a game of Twist Me Silly!
Twist Me Silly Twist Uncle Berry till he’s silly!
Jackpot: $226.27