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Klick, Klack & Roll is a new exciting update of Klicker Fusion that introduces a Conveyor belt that separates the game area into two sections. Gather the cubes into larger groups of the same colour for a top score and use the all new Cog Blast to open up a hole in the Conveyor belt to bring them all together. Klick, Klack & Roll challenges you to clear away as many cubes as possible over 3 levels with more and more cubes


  1. Your task is to clear away as many cubes as possible. Any group of 2 cubes or more of the same colour that touch horisontally or vertically can be removed. Clear them all before you run out of moves or time. In this all new version of the classic game the game field is divided by a moving conveyor belt.
  2. Gather the cubes into larger groups of the same colour to raise the score; the radioactive cubes double the score when they are part of a removed group so focus on them to get a good score. You have to remove enough cubes on level 1 and 2 to advance to the next level.
  3. Use the Cog blast by clicking the blue button to make a 3-cog hole anywhere in the Conveyor belt to create even larger groups of cubes with good planning. You can only use it once per level. The Bombs are activated when they reach the bottom of the screen and blow up touching blocks. When the red Column Blast button is active you can use it to remove all blocks in a column of your choice.



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